We're proud and excited to announce that the Rwaza Orphanage in Rwanda is now fully funded.

From our friend Cathy Emerson:
"It is a dream come true for the children. A couple (both veterinarians) that heads an NGO out of Austria has signed a contract with Father Bonaventure. They have agreed to pay tuition, food and medical for all the children residing at Rwaza Orphanage and they have given Father Bonaventure 20 million Rwandese Francs ($40,000.00 usd) to build a new facility nearer his Parish office. These children are now in the top 25% of income earners in the country. They are fed, looked after, educated and loved. Thank you for everything you did to help these children achieve the lifestyle they now live. "
Our work with the Rwaza Orphanage was the catalyst to beginning some of our current work with HOREB and it helped open our eyes to the many and deserving organizations working for change in Rwanda.

To read more about our work with Rwaza, click here.

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